Labor well-being and communication in work teams

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The welfare-to-work has become a priority within the departments of human resources, due to the impact of the mood of the people in your performance at work.

Emotions are inherent in the people, so that it is impossible that the partners can maintain their personal affairs entirely separate from the professional field, as well as, it is a fallacy to expect that they are always happy and highly productive.

Given this reality, the companies are making strategies to decrease the discomfort associated with the stress, and make you feel more comfortable during their working day, in order to avoid possible absences in the future.


Why is it important to well-being at work?

As we have mentioned, the state of mind generates an impact on the people, which can be positive or negative, and that affects the energy, concentration, motivation and state of health, directly influencing the level of anxiety and in the productivity of the employee.

This discomfort may become recurrent or normalised if not detected in time, and when this happens, people have a greater tendency to suffer from depressive states or to fall into the procrastination, which is not good for the companies that are decreased their performance.


What can business do to ensure the well-being of your workers?

Well-being has a direct relationship with the communication within the teams, so that you can start addressing the problems in the interaction; this fact was pointed out in 1967 in the book The executive effective by Peter Druker, regarded as the father of management, which ensures that the 60% of the business problems are due to poor communication.

Despite the decades that have gone by since your statement, the communication problems continue to be one of the main challenges that companies and to solve them it is necessary that, both the department of human resources as the headquarters, work aligned to generate a strategy to the interior of the equipment.

First thing is to identify the cause of this problem, which may be due to a lack of concern on the part of the headquarters of interacting with their workers, which the company has a rigid structure that prevents the communication flow, or well, there are no instances that encourage communication; then, there must be interest in changing this situation, which required the commitment of all those involved.

It is vital to create opportunities to talk with the team members to work without distractions or interruptions, and to transmit the messages clearly.


How it affects communication in the welfare-to-work?

When a worker does not feel heard by your employer, it generates a feeling of discontent and of not belonging, which decreases the motivation and the commitment that it may have to the company. In addition, gaps in the interaction can lead to wrong understanding of the indications, produce errors and/or delays in the work.

Recommendations for the headquarters

  • You must know your team, that is to say, to be aware of their roles and their work load current.
  • Define tasks and priorities to converse with the work load that has the worker.
  • Set achievable targets in realistic deadlines.
  • To convey the information clearly and make sure the person has understood the message.
  • Generate spaces to converse with the people who make up its area.
  • Assess and take advantage of the individual capabilities of the computer.
  • Promote the professional development of their subordinates.
  • Convey confidence.


A clear example of the negative effect caused by the absence of these conditions can be seen when a chief of staff assigns a task with very tight deadlines to a person who has a high work load at the time; if the worker knows that you will not be able to meet deadlines, it will inevitably feel stressed and raised levels of anxiety, along with that can exceed your schedule in an attempt to provide results. It is possible to achieve end-to-time but their perception of the company will not be very good.


What topics should be addressed with the co-workers?

The people are the company, so it's essential to have a feedback of its perception as workers, where they can share their concerns, ideas for improvement, expectations, projections and labor discontent. In addition, it is an ideal opportunity for the headquarters to highlight the work well done and to make them feel an important part of the company.

For these spaces to be productive, they have to ensure that people can express themselves with total confidence and honesty, without this may mean some sort of negative repercussion.


Human resources

Human resource departments must have channels of communication that are designed with the characteristics of the staff, have to be accessible and to convey the information in a way that is understandable. In addition, within its functions are to organize meetings to address the climate in the workplace, such as surveys that are usually done by a third party completely anonymously, and engage in activities designed to improve the well-being of the workers. You must work together with the headquarters in order to identify points for improvement, and implement the necessary measures.


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