Booths, or, how to give privacy within a large office.

Remodelación de Oficinas Masaico

It's always seductive to have a spacious office, a large open plan with plenty of space to easily move from one desk to another without setbacks or obstacles, and that accommodates the largest number of people without worrying about bumping into each other's elbows. And if we add the concept of Cowork, where everyone shares the same space, much better.

But in these cases, there is a need that always appears, and that is not always covered. Although, fortunately, it is easy to solve.

How can we have privacy in a large environment, without divisions, and where everyone can hear or see what we do? Not only in a personal phone call, but above all, in video calls with clients or from the directory?

The solution is given to us by the Phone Booths and Conference Booths.

The Phone Booths, are designed to precisely provide acoustic insulation and visual decontamination, so that productivity and creativity are not lost due to distractions, when there are tasks that require greater concentration. They are prefabricated cabins, with a structure that allows them to be given a personalized shape according to the environment, and with glazed sides. They can also be used for a short phone call that requires privacy. And finally we highlight that there are both singles, doubles, or up to 4 people.

On the other hand, there are Conference Booths, which allow visual and acoustic isolation, although to a lesser extent. Its structure consists of the use of panels, which surround the participants with a division that on the one hand, is on the inside dressed with audiovisual equipment, and the other panel, with seats. That is, they are designed to have a video conference without distractions calmly.

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